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Dr. Claus Casati

born: 3.9.1970

Graduated with a Master's degree in Economics: 1992

Graduated with a Master’s degree in Law: 1995

Doctorate/PhD in Law: 1998

Attorney at law since: 2001 (Law office at 1060 Vienna, Mariahilferstraße 1b/17)

Publications: Numerous publications, in particular on public procurement law, most recently articles in RPA (Recht und Praxis der öffentlichen Auftragsvergabe) and ZVB (Zeitschrift für Vergaberecht & Bauvertragsrecht), editor of Manz-Verband Vergaberecht

ÖWAV: Head of the Public Procurement Committee of the Austrian Water and Waste Management Association / Österreichischen Wasser- und Abfallwirtschaftsverbands (ÖWAV) since 2004 - most recently published guidelines on public procurement law.

Events: Co-organiser and speaker at the annual seminar of the ÖWAV: "Vergaberecht für die Praxis" ("Public procurement law in practice"), since 2005

-  Main areas of practice -

In the field of commercial law Claus Casati deals in depth with:

  • Public procurement law
  • Competition law issues (state aid law, issues of intellectual property law, in particular in the area of services of general interest, antitrust law and intellectual property law)
  • Public passenger transport issues (Motor Vehicles Act, Railway Act, ÖPNRV-G and PSO Regulation 1370/2007)
  • Public law matters (in particular trade law, data protection, waste management law, rescue services and art restitution law)
  • Civil law matters (in particular commercial agency law, construction and contract law)

Casati has been intensively involved in public procurement law issues since 1995. He wrote his dissertation on the subject of "Non-procurement aspects of public procurement, in particular taking into account countertrades" at the University of Vienna, under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Korinek and Prof. Dr. Aicher.

In addition to numerous publications and many lectures, Casati continuously assists numerous public clients in the handling of contract award procedures, including the preparation of all tender documents required for this purpose (in particular also the required performance contracts).

In addition, he represents numerous bidders/applicants in proceedings before public procurement authorities and civil courts.

His many years of dealing with public procurement law issues in all details and from all perspectives, combined with his economic expertise, enable him to communicate complex matters in a simple manner, to successfully conclude public procurement control proceedings for his clients, and to handle public procurement procedures in the best possible manner (largely without friction). Economic expertise coupled with many years of procurement-specific know-how guarantee the best possible advice and representation.

A particular focus of our procurement law practice is in the areas of municipal water management, waste management, public transport, the procurement of IT services including complex software programs, and construction projects (especially in the context of functional tenders).

Advice and support for the public sector on issues relating to the design of services of general interest in conformity with competition law, in particular on issues relating to the design of waste and wastewater disposal and local public transport in conformity with competition law. In addition, we provide ongoing advice and support to the public sector on issues relating to the granting of financial resources in conformity with Community law, as well as on issues relating to the notification of individual aid and state aid regulations. Casati also advises and represents companies/public institutions in connection with obtaining subsidies/aid and their approval by the Commission and national courts/authorities.

Casati is, inter alia, a lecturer on the subject of state aid law at the University of Applied Sciences of the Vienna Vocational Training Institute.

Next to questions of state aid law, (antitrust) regulations concerning companies with market power have to be taken into account when consulting. This applies to both public companies and private companies, especially in the petroleum industry. Here, Casati advises gas station tenants against the mostly market-powerful mineral oil companies with regard to antitrust issues as well as questions of commercial agency law.

Casati is also active in the area of unfair competition, whether in connection with public procurement law, or in connection with companies with market power, or as part of the day-to-day competition between private individuals. The best possible legal security is provided by prophylactic control and advice in competition law matters. The answering of general competition law questions, a brief look at intended packaging/advertising campaigns are all part of Casati's field of activity.

The Casati team is also happy to assist you in areas of intellectual property law. Trademarks, inventions, intellectual-creative works and designs have become an integral part of today's business life. Here, too, prophylactic advice protects and creates value. The Casati team will be happy to assist you with:

  • Trademark applications
  • Design patent applications
  • Conception and negotiation of license agreements, especially in the software sector
  • Examination of possible interferences
  • Mediation of (patent) attorneys

Long-standing assistance to public authorities on public transport issues in theory and practice. Casati deals with issues related to the Community-compliant financing of transport companies, the Community-compliant award of transport service contracts and the granting of concessions for the operation of motor lines and railroads. To this end, he has conducted various procurement procedures for (sector) contracting authorities and also assists private railroads in particular with the various procurement projects (from the procurement of rolling stock to the repair of rail infrastructure).

Public law covers innumerable administrative matters. In addition to knowledge of the relevant Community law, it requires profound knowledge of Austrian constitutional law, administrative procedural law and the respective administrative material laws. An intensive education in the field of public law (Casati was a trainee lawyer and substitute of Univ. Prof. DDr. Walter Barfuß for more than 5 years) have made him an intensive connoisseur of public law. In particular, he has had the opportunity to work intensively in the following administrative fields and to acquire considerable know-how:

  • Rescue services (ongoing support of various providers of ambulance and rescue services, such as representation before the ECJ in case C- 76/97 Tögel/NÖGKK)
  • Data protection law (handling of numerous data protection law issues as well as lecturer at BFI Vienna on the topic of "data protection law")
  • Trade Regulation Act (questions of the Trade Regulation Act and related ancillary laws arise in proceedings under public procurement law and competition law as well as in daily counseling)
  • Art Restitution Act (the Austrian Art Restitution Act authorizes the Federal Minister of Education, Science and Culture to return art objects looted by the Nazi regime to their former owners or their legal successors. Casati deals with related issues, in particular those of international inheritance law)
  • Waste law (questions concerning the licensing of plants according to the Waste Management Act and the shipment of waste abroad are part of the ongoing legal practice)

The core of almost every legal activity is a profound knowledge of civil law. Questions of civil law have to be answered/regulated above all in the context of award procedures. Primarily, the daily consulting business requires answers to civil law questions, especially in the drafting of contracts. Thus, above all, the drafting of contracts is part of our daily business (in particular the drafting of general terms and conditions, supply and service contracts as well as real estate contracts).

In addition to the drafting of contracts, the following civil law issues are among Casati's main areas of practice:

  • Agreements in the field of information technologies of all kinds, including agreements on the creation/use of complex software programs
  • Distribution agreements, such as gas station leases
  • Construction contracts (supplements to the relevant ÖNORM standards and their interpretation and practical application)
  • Real estate purchase agreements/leases

-  News -

Sarah Götz © Fotostudio Huger

Sarah Götz

We are pleased to congratulate our esteemed colleague Ms Sarah Götz LL.M. (WU), LL.B. (WU) on her admission to the bar.

Her areas of practice include: Public procurement law, commercial law, construction law, public passenger transport, commercial law & civil law.

Here's to continued good co-operation!
Dr. Claus Casati and his team

-  Team  -

Team Casati © Fotostudio Huger

A dedicated team supports Dr. Casati in his tasks with competence, experience and enthusiasm.

Christine Schneider © Fotostudio Huger

Christine Schneider, Office Manager, Procurement Law Assistant

Sarah Götz © Fotostudio Huger

Sarah Götz LL.M. (WU), LL.B. (WU) Attorney at Law

Mag.a Tanita Blažej © Fotostudio Huger

Mag.a Tanita Blažej, Trainee lawyer

Mag.a Doris Brunner © Fotostudio Huger

Mag.Doris Brunner, Trainee lawyer

Danijela Kukavica © Fotostudio Huger

Danijela Kukavica, Secretariat

Angela Langthaler, LL.B.,
legal assistant, with Casati since 06/2021

Selina Orhan,
legal assistant, with Casati since 10/2021

Dafna Palfi,
legal assistant, with Casati since 10/2021

Carina Eglseer,
legal assistant, with Casati since 08/2022

Sophie Pourkarami,
legal assistant, with Casati since 08/2022

Pius Pitzinger,
legal assistant, with Casati since 03/2023

Niklas Ofner,
legal assistant, with Casati since 09/2023

Lena Emily Maria Fill,
legal assistant, with Casati since 05/2024

Lynn Rachel Efrati,
legal assistant, with Casati since 06/2024

-  Publications  -

Claus Casati © Fotostudio Huger

Claus Casati is the author of various specialist publications in the field of public law, competition law and public procurement law. Enclosed you will find a list of selected publications:

  • „Auftragsvergabe- Instrument der Politik?“ (ecolex 1998, 363);
  • „Ökopunkte-Entscheidung: Ist der Zuschlag selbst bekämpfbar“ (ecolex 1998, 449);
  • “Public Procurement Remedies in Austria, in European Public Law” (Volume 4, Issue 1, 1998, 1);
  • „Alternativangebote“ (ecolex 1999);
  • „Wasserrechtliche Bewilligungspflicht für indirekte Einleiter“, (ÖZW 1999, 26);
  • „Ökologische Gesichtspunkte im europäischen Vergaberecht“ (RdU 2000/3, 93);
  • „Vom Glücksspielmonopol erfasste Ausspielungen“ (ÖJZ 2000, 13);
  • „Mergers & Acquisitions in den Fängen des Vergaberechts“ (RPA 2001, 58ff);
  • „Bietergemeinschaften am Gängelband des Gewerberechts?“ (RPA 2002/3, 1ff);
  • „Grundsätze im Vergaberecht – Leitlinien einer ordnungsgemäßen Auftragsvergabe“ (ZVB 11/2002, S 297 ff);
  • „Vergabe von Finanzdienstleistungen“ (ÖGZ, 6/2004, 12 ff);
  • „Ausgleichsleistungen und Vergabevorschriften“ (ZBV 2003/100, 292ff);
  • „2 Jahre BVergG 2002 – Eine kritische Betrachtung aus der Sicht der Auftraggeber“ (ÖGZ 2/2005);
  • „Aktuelle Entwicklungen im Personennahverkehr“ (ÖJZ 2005);
  • „Leitfaden für die Vorgangsweise bei der Auftragsvergabe in der Wasser-, Abwasser- und Abfallwirtschaft“, (ÖWAV 2004 als Regelwerk);
  • „Vergabe von Dienstleistungen“ (ÖGZ 6/2004);
  • „Amthilfeersuchen an Gemeindeorgane“ (Ausgabe Nr. 42, Kommunales Management);
  • „Leitfaden Bundesvergabegesetz 2006“ (Hrsg Städtebund);
  • „Leitfaden für die Vorgangsweise bei der Auftragsvergabe in der Wasser-, Abwasser- und Abfallwirtschaft“ (Hrsg ÖWAV);
  • „Zur Veröffentlichung eines Einkommenserhebungsberichts durch den Bgld Landes-Rechnungshof sowie den Rechnungshof“ (Hrsg. JBl);
  • „Die Aufgaben eines Rechnungshofs – eine Wahl zwischen Skylla und Charybdis?“ (Katzmann/Casati in ÖHW 2009/2010, S 208ff);
  • „Interkommunale Kooperation in der Abfallwirtschaft“ (ÖGZ 11/2011);
  • „Altlastsanierung unter Beteiligung eines privaten Auftraggebers“ (RPA 2/2012, Entscheidungsbesprechung);
  • „Die Novelle 2012 zum Bundesvergabegesetz – Erleichterungen und Verschärfungen“ (Aqua Press International 2012);
  • „Wettbewerbsrecht und Vergaberecht insbesondere im Zusammenhang mit Inhouse-Vergabe und Interkommunaler Kooperation“ (in RPA 5/2012, S 253 – 258);
  • „Sind Kanal- und Kläranlagenbetreiber Sektorenauftraggeber?“ (RPA 1/2013, S 5 - 10);
  • „BVA: Keine Umgehung bestandsfester Entscheidungen mittels Feststellungsantrag“ (RPA 2/2014, S 85 – 88);
  • „ORF kein öffentlicher Auftraggeber“ (RPA 3/2014, S 119 - 128);
  • „Zulässige interkommunale Zusammenarbeit“ – VwGH 17.6.2014, 2013/04/0020, 0048, (RPA 6/2014, S 324 – 330);
  • „Eignungsanforderungen bei Altlastensanierungsprojekten“ – BVwG 19.9.2014, W139 2009635-2/24E, (RPA 1/2015);
  • „Qualitätskriterien bei der Vergabe von Verkehrsdienstleistungen“ (Privatbahn Magazin Fokus 3-2015, S.20-21);
  • „Begründungserfordernis mündlich verkündeter Erkenntnisse“ (RPA 3/2015, S 157-159);
  • „Unterlassene Bekanntgabe Bildung einer BIEGE“ (PRA 6/2015, S 384 - 387);
  • „Prokuristen sind Teil der Geschäftsführung“ (PRA 6/2015, S 365 - 371);
  • „Obliegenheit zur Meldung der Bildung einer BIEGE: Bewirkt der nicht fristgerecht mitgeteilte Zusammenschluss von Bewerbern zu einer BIEGE oder ARGE eine Nichteinladung?“ (RPA 5/2016, S 272 - 279);
  • „Antragslegitimation eines ausscheidenden Bieters zwingt Gericht zur umfassenden Überprüfung“ (PRA 3/2018, S 150 - 153);
  • „Ausschluss verbundener Unternehmer in jedem Stand des Verfahrens?“ (RPA 3/2021, S 145 - 148);
  • „Das Ende des Koalitionsverbots“ (RPA 5/2021, S 261 - 264);
  • Kommentar Bundesvergabegesetz 2018 – (Manz 23.05.2023);
  • „Nachhaltige Beschaffung – Ihre vergaberechtlichen Grundlagen und Herausforderungen“ (ZVB 01/2023 – S 4-11);
  • „Vergaberechtsschutz bei Rahmenvereinbarungen“ (RPA 1/2023, S 13 - 17);
  • „Widerruf Sektorenauftraggeber“ (PRA 2/2023, S 86 - 89);
  • „Instrumente multipler bzw kumulierter (gebündelter) Vergaben“ (ZVB 03/2023: S 108-112)

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